Who We Are

Who We Are At Marvelous, we believe that leading an active lifestyle and making exercise a habit plays a significant role in self-love that is being expressed through taking care of your body.

Our Marvelous mats are created for people of all ages, genders and fitness levels to inspire and support you on the journey of self-nurturing and exploration. We create for everyone, we create for you! Bring out your authentic self and embrace your individuality!

Whether you are practicing Yoga, Dancing, Pilates, Barre, hardcore HITT workouts, gentle Stretching & Flexibility or simply Meditations, we want you to enjoy your exercise with comfort and reach your best performance by using Marvelous high quality exercise mats. Through our artistic designs we hope to create a special connection between you & your Marvelous mat and add fun and art into your exercise routine;)

Beyond that, we care about the home we live in – our planet – and do our best to make less global impact by using as much eco-friendly materials as possible to produce our mats. We also believe, that through using better quality products that will last longer we make a step towards conscious consumption and, therefore, reduction of environmental waste. As we go, learn and put effort to do so, we invite you to take this journey with us!

Marvelous' mission is to inspire more movement, joy, self-love, connection with our beautiful planet Earth, inner balance and consciousness about choices we make every day towards ourselves and the world around us.

Be the movement! Be in joy! Be marvelous!